Neon Jungle perform at Liverpool International Music Festival - August 25th

You know that commercial where the elderly people think candy crush is hitting candy with a hammer and # is ‘hashbrown’? ME.


next question: when mm leaked, which song did you hate and which song did you love after your first listen

Obviously I want it to work. I want everybody in the whole world to have heard my album instead of 30,000 people, but at the same time I’m just happy daydreaming. I’ll still write for big artists but I have stuff I want to say now. And that’s what’s most important to me. I really believe that will happen, I believe in karma and I believe in hard work and I don’t believe in like, I don’t know.I believe I deserve this. I believe I deserve everything that could maybe happen. And I don’t think that’s a cocky thing to say because I’ve worked really hard and I’ve never bitten the hand that fed me and I’ve always been really respectful. Maybe that’s a bad answer. Maybe I should be like I’m already a pop star!

@Louis_Tomlinson: @Harry_Styles hahaha I am being slowly seduced by your curls
His curls or his smell ;) x



Zayn and I are one.


i really hope the 4th album doesnt leak when im in class or doing something important or sleeping like i need to be #alert